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Gameplay is quick and simple. Draft cards, sabotage, press your luck, and use your hero’s variable player powers to defeat your challengers. This is your chance to prove that you are the ultimate wiener


Perfect for ages 6+, this game plays well with 2 to 6 players. You can expect each game to take about 20 minutes. If you’re hungry for a longer game play experience, you can enjoy the Team Play or Tournament option. ​

Your Hero

Join the pack, by selecting a hero with their own unique set of abilities; use them to establish your dominance. Take on challenges from the doxie's perspective as you defeat foes, poo on expensive rugs, hoard skivvies, and lick your way to victory.

Doxie Dash Card Game
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Doxie Dash Card Game

Doxie Dash Card Game

C$29.99Regular PriceC$12.99Sale Price


2 to 6


20 MIN





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  • Learn how to play Doxie Dash by downloading the "How to Play" manual.

    Rules of play

  • What to give Doxie Dash a try before you buy? Simply download the PDF, print and cut out your cards, and enjoy the game.


  • The founders of Long Long Ranch have come together with Mackerel Sky Games to bring you an adorable tabletop experience of miniature proportions. Doxie Dash features characters based on the real-life doxies of the viral Long Long Ranch.

    Long Long Ranch

  • Uncut Gayming plays through and reviews Doxie Dash by Mackerel Sky Games.

    Watch it played

  • Doxie Dash has some great strengths that keep me coming back to it, even after I have submitted my playtest review. It is a game that is family friendly and could be played with a young child, but still has enough strategy to engage adults.

    Doxie Dash PReview

  • Laden Sie eine Kopie der Spielregeln auf Deutsch herunter.


  • We've made a special set of Doxie Dash Holiday cards for you to add to your game for the holiday season. Simply download the PDF, print the cards, and add them to your copy!

    Holiday DLC

  • In the midst of the rise of so many superheroes, aren't you bored seeing how fictional they are? Sturdy abs, flying capes, spider-shooting gloves, thunder hammer are all nice and dreamy, but could you imagine one arriving in your neighborhood? (Even I can't myself) Alas, comes the hero we need in our real life as depicted in Doxie Dash

    Doxie Dash PReview

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