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Mares' tails and mackerel scales make lofty ships take in their sails. Just as the mackerel sky tells the sailor to be ready for dramatic and impressive weather, we are warning you to expect a dynamic and exhilarating gameplay experience when you play a tabletop game made by mackerel sky games.

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Join the pack, by selecting a hero with their own unique set of abilities; use them to establish your dominance. Take on challenges from the doxie's perspective as you defeat foes, poo on expensive rugs, hoard skivvies, and lick your way to victory. Game play is quick and simple. Draft cards, sabotage, press your luck, and use your hero’s variable player powers to defeat your challengers. This is your chance to prove that you are the ultimate wiener. 



THE OBELISK WAR - alpha playtesting

The Obelisk War is an abstract strategy war game that pits you against your enemy in order to control and unlock the mysterious power of the obelisk. 


BATTLE SAGUARO - alpha playtesting

In this tile-laying engine builder,  compete to construct monolithic saguaro cactuses. Adapt your strategy over the course of four distinct seasons that each offer new ways to grow.

Cleverly plan your cactus to recruit birds with unique abilities that will help to develop your Saguaro and sabotage your opponent.  Build higher, wider, and wilder than ever before!


CACHALOT - in early development

Before oil came from the ground it was harvested from the sea. In this narrative-driven economic legacy game that progresses through the mid 18th Century, you will shape your captain and set sail with your crew out into a living world. 

Every decision counts as you build your empire. Carefully manage your ship,  resources, and tap into your crews full potential for your fame, wealth, and glory depends on it.

In this living world, you will master the unforgiving sea, explore exotic places, and discover mysterious treasures. All the while, your mettle will be tested against the mighty monarchs of the deep, your true prize - the CACHALOT. 

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